Who we are; Characteristics.

* They know us by our extraordinary Loving, made manifest in our every breath, our every aspect of being.  We obviously Universal Family to every human, to every creature.

*  They know us by our extraordinary Beings -
  • Courageous
  • Loving
  • Passionate
  • Strong
  • Focused
  • Endless endurance
  • Full Effort for Our Global Neediest
  • Profound Peace of Heart
  • Self-composed, Self-possessed
  • Joyful
  • Delight in Life (not OUR life primarily, but, Life of all of Creation)
  • Relentless

We are like those revered in history for their Living, their Being -
  • Christ-like,
  • Gandhi-like,
  • MLK Jr-like,
  • Jesus-like, Teresa of Calcutta-like,
  • Eleanor Roosevelt-like, Schweitzer-like,
  • Ghaffar Kahn-like....
We Live as though the global neediest were our Immediate Family, Obviously, Sincerely, as our first nature.

Nothing is higher than, everything is second to, Loving in our lives, Loving our Global Neediest, as the Immediate Family that they are to us. Not -
  • Creed
  • Nation
  • Biological Ties
  • Ethnic Background
  • Social Class
  • Social Group
  • Neighborhood Group
  • Association
  • Institution
  • Our Personal Survival, our very pulse itself
  • Our Comfort
  • Our Safety
  • Our Fleshly Intoxications
  • Our Avoidance of Pain
We spend our Lives and our Resources on Our Global Neediest, except the bare requirements to sustain what we Love - Serving from the Soul in Solidarity.

While others are running to get out of harm's way, we are running to get exactly In Harm's Way - to Shield our Global Neediest Family.

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