Buildings, Dogma, Sacriments, Institution, Garments, Rituals, Practices

Buildings: None.  We're going to have buildings when 60% of our Family lives on $4 per day or less?

Dogma:  None.  Dogma is instead of Heart, Conscience, Soul... ALWAYS.

Sacriments: None.  Loving in all its manifestations is our Sacrament - what we hold Sacred.

Institutions. None.  Institutions are virtually always museums for what used to be alive.  Those who's chief characteristic is Loving is our institution.   The fastest way to destroy the spirit is to Institutionalize its care and feeding.

Garments.  None.  ... Except, we are usually, often dirty from work, thread-bear, rarely if ever have more than one change of clothes.  What we have more than that we've already given away.

Rituals.  None.  26,000 of Our Children died from lack of clean water today.  TODAY!  We could have time for rituals, how?

Practices.  YES, each of us has practices - explicit for most of us, such as Prayer (guided meditation, of whatever sort, by whatever name).  The Loving Spirits we strive, yearn, YEARN to be requires enormous practice, discipline, care, attention, focus, exercise, rest, training....

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