Core Values, Beliefs, Understandings

Agapeing, Loving, Aligning with the Creator, the Creative-of-Life Force.

The Creator IS Loving.  Loving (a DNA given capacity we all are born with) IS the Creator, that Force, or essentially an organ, a detector, a part thereof.

Our DNA-give Psychology is such that we do surrender ourselves to one of two dominant Spirits -

*  Fleshly:  Self-centered, Selfish, Conditionally Loving (Lusting), Pleasurable, Taking, Consuming

*  Heart/Soul/Conscience: Other-centered, Otherish, Unconditionally Loving, Joyful, Serving, Creating

We, adherents to the Religion of Loving, we choose greedy surrender to the Spirit of Heart, Soul, Conscience, no matter what.

Joy is objectively, measurably, experientially, vastly preferable experience to Pleasure, tho the disease of Affloholism generally obscures this truth for a lifetime, and for an entire culture; as alcohol  obscures the preferable way of life from the alcoholic.

Loving, a global outbreak of Loving, Agape, Universal Family, is the entirety of hope for the avoidance of war, the stopping of ecocide, the survival of the species and all of creation.

Lusting, the reign of the Fleshly Spirit, is certain doom for any but a horrible quality of life for all future generations and individuals.  Lusting, our global religion now, makes humanity and its technology the Weapon of Mass Destruction - WMD.

Loving is definitely worth dying for, or living a lifetime fighting for - in a Life or Death Unviolent struggle.

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