Bottom Line - Do you want your life to FEEL LIKE Loving, or Taking, Giving or Using, Creating or Destroying...? No 3rd choice.

It all comes down to this.  Your life will BE, and therefor EXPERIENTIALLY BE / FEEL LIKE a Life of:

*  Loving or Taking

*  Giving or Taking

*  Virtue or Vice

*  Construction or Destruction

*  Life Giving or Agent of Entropy

*  Good or Evil

*  Meaningful or Meaningless

*  Loving Joy or Intoxication

*  Health or Addiction

These are the certain attributes of the two ways of Being, YOUR two, DNA-given, Ruling Spirit Options:

1.  Loving Spirit - Soul, Conscience

2.  Fleshly Spirit - Head / Fleshly desires

Your Life will BE, and therefore FEEL LIKE, one, or the other.  It ALL comes down to that.  It all comes down to YOU.  YOUR CHOICE.

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